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Christmas & Online Radio

Continuing my ongoing discussion on Why Independent Online Radio Is Important…as we approach the holiday season, if you’re an artists who’s released some Christmas music, covers or originals, Independent Online Radio Stations are somewhere where you should consider sending your holiday … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Mail

Last week I received an e-mail from SonicBids with a link to an article they posted, “4 Types Of Of E-mails You Should Send To Your Fans“. The same day I came across an article about a CEO who writes … Continue reading

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Why Independent Online Radio Is Important

With streaming becoming the primary means in which people listen to music, I’ve seen a lot of articles and posts comparing Spotify and Pandora. Comparably they’re both streaming services that people can subscribe to, that have immense music catalogs and use … Continue reading

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Modern Music Marketing: What Business Are You In?

Let’s start with the basic starting point for all marketing plans. What business are you in? Now before you answer that question, you need to be aware that most business, from the small startups to internationally recognized corporate brands, get … Continue reading

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Modern Marketing: How well do you know your target market?

Knowing your target marketing is key. Sadly, in many music marketing plans when it comes to identifying an artists target market I just see the basics. Male or Female, Age Range and maybe genre of music they’re into. But what … Continue reading

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How to build engagement during the holiday season.

Take the time to acknowledge and engage your supporters during the Holiday Season. Elton John wrote “Step Into Christmas” as a thank you to his fans.

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The Marketing of Rock and Roll

Two people who have been big influences in my life and what I do are Alan Cross (A Journal Of Musical Things and The History Of New Music) and Terry O’Reilly (CBC’s Under The Influence). Alan a mentor when it … Continue reading

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