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Do you think you are ready?

If you feel that what I’m about to say is insulting or in anyway an attack on you as a musician/performer…then chances are yes, this was directed at you. Advertisements

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I was never a big fan of his music, but I was lucky enough to work one of his albums.”Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic” Probably not considered one of his greatest albums and as I said, I was never a … Continue reading

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Metallica’s catalog in 10 minutes

First I’d like to point out that there seems to be WAY to many of these things popping up. At first it was cool and somewhat impressive how people were putting together songs and going through an artist’s catalog of … Continue reading

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A couple months back a video was circulating of 2 guys playing AC/DC’s “Thunder Struck” on cello. The guys behind it simply call themselves 2CELLOS and they have a whole series of other covers. One of the more recent videos … Continue reading

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The same name game is lame

George Foreman name all 5 of his sons George Foreman and one of his daughters Georgette. We see this from time to time in music and I don’t know why but whenever a band not only uses their name as … Continue reading

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A little TOO to the extreme

MESHUGGAH is often referred to as a “Extreme Metal” band, but I think this is taking thing TOO much to the extreme. The band is currently recording their new album using….wait for it…FIFTEEN string guitars. Go to to read more … Continue reading

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