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BreakOut West Responds

The organizers from BreakOut West have responded to the picketing/protesting that occurred at this past weekend’s events. Advertisements

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Two more cents on this debate

Earlier this week I posted my thoughts on the recent picketing at the annual BreakOut West music festival. Those picketing were protesting the fact that artists performing at BreakOut West were not getting paid, which then expanded into the ongoing … Continue reading

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The Never Ending Argument – Playing for ‘exposure’

Thanks to an attempted protest at this past weekend’s Break Out West, I’ve seen a handful of people discussing this topic online. People have been sharing the articles (links below) that have been written and throwing in their two cents. … Continue reading

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Lyrical Story Telling

Found another old blog that still feels relevant. In fact, I posted this one almost 3 years ago and sadly I believe it is still relevant. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong…no one seems to know what “Despacito” … Continue reading

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Even if you build it, they won’t come.

Was going through some old blogs and thought this was a fitting one to repost… I think one of the worst movies ever is Field Of Dreams.

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Arcade Fire files multiple legal claims over ‘Millennial Whoop’

Just another reason why I don’t like Arcade Fire

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The Social Network is not the Promo Network.

If you do a Google search for “What is Facebook” you will find a handful of variations of the following answer.

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