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An 11 year old Ukulele master!

This kid is simply amazing when it comes to playing the Ukulele! “Classical Gas” can be a challenging song on a guitar with 6 strings. I couldn’t even imagine trying to do the same with only 4 strings… Advertisements

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Cool version for the Foo Fighter’s “My Hero”

These guys rearranged the Foo Fighter classic for a friend’s mother’s wedding.¬†She suffers from Parkinson’s disease and this song carries a special meaning to him and his mom growing up.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers played with a Red Hot Chilli Pepper…

One of my brother’s biggest pet peeves is when someone misuses the word “ironic”. If I say this video of a guy playing Red Hot Chili Peppers songs with a Red Hot Chili Pepper is ironic am I using ‘ironic” … Continue reading

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Modern Day One Man Band plays “Tom Sawyer”

RUSH’s “Tom Sawyer” is challenging on it’s own. Trying playing all the parts by yourself…

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The Original Slap Bassist

’nuff said!

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Geez 2016…Didn’t even hear about these ones…

2016 has been a fairly devastating year in the entertainment industry. The list musicians, actors and entertainers that we’ve lost has been extensive. So extensive, some we didn’t even hear about (or at least I didn’t)

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Leonard Cohen R.I.P.

I had thought about having a drink tonight but decided against it. Now, after finding out about Leonard Cohen passing, a drink seems like the appropriate thing to do.

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