Favourite Christmas Commercial 2018

It is going to be hard for anyone else to top this one and we’re not even in December yet…


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This guy plays a leaf like a boss!

This is just another example of what is great about the internet…every once and a while something like this comes across your feed.

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New Halloween Songs?

Halloween is a couple days away and I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m not looking forward to the overplaying of Thriller, Ghostbusters and The Monster Bash. Can we please suggest some new Halloween appropriate songs? Reply with you suggestions. Here’s one of mine…

Screaming Lord Sutch – Jack The Ripper

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Slayer – Raining Blood Cover?

The description for this video indicates that they did it for Halloween…aside from it being kind of scary, not sure what it has to do with Halloween…

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Mash Up Monday! Pomplamoose Monster Mash-Up

Just in time for Halloween here’s a mash-up featuring Ghostbusters, Thriller, Monster Mash and a couple more….

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Tis The Season…

Following up on a post I did back in Sept entitled “Never To Early…” here’s another track off the upcoming William Shatner Christmas album, which will be able Oct 26th…



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Mash-Up Monday (on a Tuesday) – Whole Lotta Helter Skelter

It’s been a while since I’ve come across a mash-up I’ve been impressed with. This one I liked so much, decided to post it today instead of waiting till Monday…

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