Top 5 of 2018 (So far…)

I saw Alan Cross and some of his contributing writers did this and I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

It’s now July, which means we are in the last half of 2018. Here are my Top 5 tracks of the year, so far…

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YouTube Music Arrives In Canada

Starting today, YouTube Music is available to everyone in Canada. Now Canadian fans can find more of the music they love and effortlessly discover new favourites.

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Edmonton Radio Ratings Feb 26 – May 27

Here are the radio rating for the Edmonton area from the period of Feb 26 – May 27, 2018

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Are Live Albums Next?

I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this…

Will the growing popularity of streaming and the emphasis shift from albums to singles, what impact will this have on the Live Album?

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Another Restaurant Comparison

I’ve often suggested that musicians should pay more attention to the restaurant business, watch what they are doing when looking at ways to grow your audience (and if you haven’t heard me talk about that, get in touch, lets set up a meeting).

This video falls under that same heading. It’s about restaurants, specifically culinary school, but it not to far off from what some musicians need to hear…

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Mash-Up Mondays – KISS meets The Commodores

It still amazes me how some people can ‘mash’ these songs together…

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Another Streaming Casualty – RIP “Intro Tracks”

Ghost’s latest album “Prequelle” opens with 1:21 long ‘intro track’ entitled “Ashes”. Great start to the album that leads into the first single off the album “Rats”. Some of my favorite albums have ‘intro tracks’ that are essential parts of the album as a whole. The album just wouldn’t sound the same if it didn’t start with it’s respective ‘Intro track’.

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