National One Hit Wonder Day!

On September 25, we turn up the volume to honor all the musical artists and that chart-topping song that makes them memorable. It’s National One-Hit Wonder Day!


Share a link to one of your favourite One Hit Wonders and tag it with #OneHitWonderDay!

Here’s one of my favourites…

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BreakOut West Responds

The organizers from BreakOut West have responded to the picketing/protesting that occurred at this past weekend’s events.


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Two more cents on this debate


Earlier this week I posted my thoughts on the recent picketing at the annual BreakOut West music festival. Those picketing were protesting the fact that artists performing at BreakOut West were not getting paid, which then expanded into the ongoing discussion/argument about how frustrating it is as musicians to be asked to play for free in exchange for exposure. I’m not going to recap the entire post, you can read it yourself (if you haven’t already) by CLICKING HERE.

What I would like to do is share some thoughts I’ve had since posting my thoughts, which were prompted by some comments and discussions I and others have had in response to my post (and other similar posts).
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The Never Ending Argument – Playing for ‘exposure’


Thanks to an attempted protest at this past weekend’s Break Out West, I’ve seen a handful of people discussing this topic online. People have been sharing the articles (links below) that have been written and throwing in their two cents. Everything I have read has had some interesting comments and great arguments from a variety of different perspectives. I’ve been asked a couple times for my thoughts on the topic and at first I was going to stay away, but I then I noticed there is one perspective that hasn’t been shared that I think needs to be.


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20 years ago…

…the first digital single was released. Any guesses as to who the artist was?

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Good things take time

It took AC/DC 40 years to get their first Top 40 hit. “Highway To Hell” finally reached the Top 10 in 2013. It took Bruce Springsteen 16 years and Jay Z didn’t see any of his tracks crack the Top 40. Bands like Metallica, The Grateful Dead and Nine Inch Nails built their success from their album sales and touring long before radio started playing their music.

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Lyrical Story Telling

Found another old blog that still feels relevant. In fact, I posted this one almost 3 years ago and sadly I believe it is still relevant. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong…no one seems to know what “Despacito” is about, maybe it’s modern day example of lyrical story telling…if you know of any actual examples, please let me know. Here’s the blog….

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