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Weird Festivals: Metal and Knitting

Yes…there is a a Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship. It’s in Finland. The goal is to knit something while dancing and moving to metal music. Points for style, enthusiasm and outrageousness. These guys won… Advertisements

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Sweet Child O’ Mine?

It’s a polka version of Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine”…I can’t really say anything else…  

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Often Forgotten Canadian Hard Rock/Metal Bands: THOR

I grew up listening to hard rock and metal music. Often when people discuss or reminisce about those genres, they talk about the big American bands. Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, Poison, Metallica, etc. Rarely do I hear people talk about some … Continue reading

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Awkward Metal Band Photos

One thing is for sure…metal music hasn’t always had the best fashion sense. Check out some of the worst of the worst.

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Taking “One Man Band” to the EXTREME!

I can’t even think of the words to use to describe this performance…I’ll let that up to you. Post one word in the comments to describe the performance in this video…

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THIS EXISTS: The Music of the Decepticons?

If you think The Transformers performing Led Zeppelin is shocking, check out their rest of this band’s YouTube channel and explore your inner nerdom.

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“Baby Shark” debuts at #40

I don’t know what’s worse…that this song has actually cracked Billboards Top 40 on their Hot 100 chart or that this song is once again stuck in my head (and likely yours too…you’re welcome).

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