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A little (big) announcement

So I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now…

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The Social Network is not the Promo Network.

If you do a Google search for “What is Facebook” you will find a handful of variations of the following answer.

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Customized Bios

When writing a resume it is important to customize the document to suit the industry and/or the job that you are applying for. As an artist, should the same be considered when writing your bio?

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The Hesitation Complication

Last week I wrote this down on a piece of paper.

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Streaming Growth

Streaming music has showed significant growth since 2015.

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Suggested Holiday Season Social Media Posts

 Not sure what to post online during the holiday season? Want to keep your target audience engaged and possibly even attract some new followers? I’d like to make a some suggestions.

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What are the most popular decades for Christmas music?

Roy Williams has written and blogged extensively at about his theory of a forty-year pendulum. His theory suggests that North American society is on a journey that regularly shifts from self-focused idealists eras to community-driven civic eras. This journey … Continue reading

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