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The gloves are off!

Too often I waste time trying to think of the right words to say or share. Today, I’m going to try something different and just say it…(NOTE: I originally posted this on my facebook profile, but knowing not everyone will … Continue reading

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Weird Album Covers for Record Store Day

In honour of Record Store Day…here’s some really weird album covers…

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The Appetite For Self-Destruction Continues…

In his 2009 book “Appetite For Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age” Steve Knopper, a music business writer for Rolling Stone magazine, shares how the record industry was a business hell-bent on destroying itself … Continue reading

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Metallica – Master Of Jazz

I love that they synced this jazz version of Master Of Puppets up with a video of the band performing the song live.

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Donny Benet “Love Online”

Oddly…everything in this video works perfectly together…  

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The Return Of The Newsletter

Should artists still be collecting e-mail addresses and sending out regular newsletters? Your initial reaction might be “No…people get too much e-mail as it is. If we sent out a newsletter it would either get ignored or treated like junk … Continue reading

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What Playlist Are You On?

Wondering if anyone has added your music to his or her playlist on Spotify? Not sure how you can check? Is this something you should know? According to an article in Rolling Stone, “for artists, getting placed on a prominent … Continue reading

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