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MASH UP MONDAY – Judas Jackson

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a mash up that I felt was worth reposting. Not going to say anything else about it, just watch! (I’m actually re-listening to this as I type this up…it oddly works)  

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U.K. catalog retailer Argos wins Christmas

We are barely into November and I think it’s pretty safe to say that U.K. catalog retailer, Argos has won Christmas with this ad which they released to kick off the holiday season. The bar has been set…can anyone beat … Continue reading

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A honest T-shirt Design

Alan Cross share this photo today of While She Sleeps new t-shirt design. Not only does this shirt pretty much hit the nail on the head, but While She Sleeps has made the design of the t-shirt open source so … Continue reading

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How Much Of A Fan Are You?

Some people will buy a bands shirt because they’re a fan of the band’s music…others will buy a shirt because they’re…well…a poser. Jared Dines decided to out and see if the people wearing the shirts could name 3 songs by … Continue reading

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Often Forgotten Canadian Hard Rock/Metal Bands – MUSHROOM TRAIL

I grew up listening to hard rock and metal music. Often when people discuss or reminisce about those genres, they talk about the big American bands. Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, Poison, Metallica, etc. Rarely do I hear people talk about some … Continue reading

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Mash Up Monday On A Wednesday – The Native Howl

Some times you come across a mash-up that is so good, you can’t wait till Monday to post it…in other words, this is really cool. The Native Howl – Harvester Of Constant Sorrow

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Prodigy Cover

Not a cover I ever expected Sepultura to do (and it turns out they did it quite a while ago). RIP Keith Flint  

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