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“Thriller” on Two Guitars

Okay, this is kind of cool… Advertisements

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Metallica Goes Country

I always thought Nickelback would go country. I would’ve never guessed Metallica would make the jump first.

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Slayer – Raining Blood Cover?

The description for this video indicates that they did it for Halloween…aside from it being kind of scary, not sure what it has to do with Halloween…  

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Mash Up Monday! Pomplamoose Monster Mash-Up

Just in time for Halloween here’s a mash-up featuring Ghostbusters, Thriller, Monster Mash and a couple more….  

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Tis The Season…

Following up on a post I did back in Sept entitled “Never To Early…” here’s another track off the upcoming William Shatner Christmas album, which will be able Oct 26th…    

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Bohemian Rhapsody in Sign Language

I’ve developed a slight guilty pleasure watching Sign Language interpreters during press conferences held during natural disasters and other crisis. The facial expressiveness adds meaning to what is being signed, but in these serious situations, it can be hilariously awkward.

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Spotify to Allow Indie Artists to Upload Music Directly to Service, Bypassing Distributors

Spotify announced this morning that they will be enabling artists to upload their own music to their service directly, bypassing the need for a distributor. 

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