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Splinter Free since 1933

For those of you who wish you could live in ‘simpler times’…

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Smash Mouth Fan…

I originally thought it was rude when someone said this was the world’s biggest Smash Mouth fan, but then I watched the rest of his videos…

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Edmonton Radio Ratings

Here’s the latest Edmonton Radio Ratings for the period of Feb 27th – May 28th 2017.

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Drunk Death Metal – A Train wreck you can’t stop watching…

Sadly being drunk probably made these guys more entertaining than if they tried performing sober.

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Now this is a pipeline I can get behind… From German heavy metal fest builds beer pipeline to keep revellers pumped

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Red Hot Chili Peppers played with a Red Hot Chilli Pepper…

One of my brother’s biggest pet peeves is when someone misuses the word “ironic”. If I say this video of a guy playing Red Hot Chili Peppers songs with a Red Hot Chili Pepper is ironic am I using ‘ironic” … Continue reading

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Watch the Last Time Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder performed “Hunger Strike” together.

A bit of a Throwback Thursday Video…In 2014 Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were on the same bill, so you had to know (or at least hope) this would happen. Would’ve been awesome to be there.

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