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Weezer does Toto

Supposedly, for years Weezer fans have been asking the band to do a cover of Toto’s “Africa”, so Weezer recorded a version of Toto’s other hit “Rosanna”…thoughts?

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Truth Behind The Numbers

What do the numbers really mean… Just because you bought a gym membership, it doesn’t mean you’re going to use it. Don’t let the words people use lead you to believe something more is happening than actually is.

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Building a Brand

One way to get a good sense of what building a brand really is, is to take a look at its origins. The concept of having a brand originates from the practice of individually branding livestock, which is thought to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday George

Today would have been George Carlin’s 81st birthday. That doesn’t really have anything to do with music, but one of George Carlin’s greatest routines “The Seven Words You Can’t Say On Radio & Television” has had a major impact and … Continue reading

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Should you be on Wikipedia?

Should independent artists have their own Wikipedia page? Yes. Why? Here are just a couple reasons why…

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Obligatory May The Fourth Post

It’s May The Fourth today. A day recognized by Star Wars fans as “Star Wars Day” or “May The Fourth Be With You Day”.  To help celebrate, here’s one of the best Star Wars parodies I’ve seen…

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Billboard Makes Some Changes

Billboard magazine has finalize changes to how streams will be weighted for Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts.

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