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Favourite Albums Of 2016

This was harder to put together than I initially thought it would be. Not because there weren’t many good releases this year. In fact it was the opposite. There was a lot of great releases this year, but that wasn’t … Continue reading

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“The best french metal had to offer. Timeless classics!” This is what journalist Michael Kohseik had to say about SORTILÈGE in Deaf Forever magazine. What?

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Suggested Holiday Season Social Media Posts

 Not sure what to post online during the holiday season? Want to keep your target audience engaged and possibly even attract some new followers? I’d like to make a some suggestions.

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2017 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

The inductees for the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame were announced this morning. What do you think of this year’s class? Should any one else be on the list?

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Challenging the decades?

Earlier this week I posted a blog about The Most Popular Decades For Christmas Music and I was surprised to have a couple people challenge what I posted.

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Playlists, the new mixed tapes

I’ve been talking about the power of playlists as a means to expose new artist for the past couple of years. Anyone who has attended any of my ROCKSTAR 101 workshops has probably heard me talk about the potential playlists … Continue reading

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What are the most popular decades for Christmas music?

Roy Williams has written and blogged extensively at about his theory of a forty-year pendulum. His theory suggests that North American society is on a journey that regularly shifts from self-focused idealists eras to community-driven civic eras. This journey … Continue reading

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