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Billboard’s Most Anticipated Albums for 2019

Billboard has released they list of what they anticipate will the most anticipated releases of 2019. Do you agree with their list? Anything missing? Advertisements

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New Axl Rose song with The Looney Tunes?

I honestly don’t know if this is legit or not. Is it really a new song from Guns N’ Roses front man, Axl Rose? I’ve read it’s supposed to be from a new Looney Tunes cartoon? Looking at the art … Continue reading

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The Village People released a Christmas Album…

2018 is turning into a banner year for Christmas releases. William Shatner. The Monkees. (which I wrote about earlier this year) And now, The Village People return with their first ever Christmas album. Yes, that’s right…The Village People. Here’s one … Continue reading

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Tis The Season…

Following up on a post I did back in Sept entitled “Never To Early…” here’s another track off the upcoming William Shatner Christmas album, which will be able Oct 26th…    

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Never too early…

There’s no avoiding it…Christmas is coming. Stores are starting to put out Christmas decorations and gift ideas, and the music industry has started to promote some up coming Christmas releases. Here are two that caught my attention…

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Another Streaming Casualty – RIP “Intro Tracks”

Ghost’s latest album “Prequelle” opens with 1:21 long ‘intro track’ entitled “Ashes”. Great start to the album that leads into the first single off the album “Rats”. Some of my favorite albums have ‘intro tracks’ that are essential parts of … Continue reading

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Donny Benet “Love Online”

Oddly…everything in this video works perfectly together…  

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