This Exists! – Okilly Dokilly

I seen some strange theme bands before but this is one theme I swear I would have never dreamed of seeing. I still can’t fathom how they decided to go this route…

“Okilly Dokilly is a heavy metal band from Phoenix, Arizona that plays “Nedal” music; a subgenre of metal music themed around the animated character Ned Flanders from the television series The Simpsons.” (From their Wikipedia)

This is real. All the band members dress like Ned Flanders, moustache, green sweater and everything. They have songs like “Flanderdoodle” “Donut Hell” and “Godspeed Little Doodle”. Their debut CD was released on Nov 11th and they also have a video on YouTube for “White Wine Spritzer” (which already has close to 800,000 views)

Even as I write this, I still can’t process the whole thing. The fact they have even labeled themselves as a ‘Nedal’ band…by creating this sub genre to metal music does that mean there could be other bands that are also themed around Ned Flanders? Are we on the cusp of the great “Nedal” movement? The “Nedal” invasion? I’d say “God help us” but we all know how close Ned Flanders is with God. God’s probably the band’s manager or something.


About thef3k

Danny Fournier is a marketing expert with over 15 years working within the music industry, including 5 years with a major label. With university degrees in both Marketing and Sociology, Danny brings a unique perspective to marketing with a strong understanding of the needs of the end user and how to engage them. Along with his music and business background, Danny has worked as a corporate trainer, facilitating and write courses for corporate audiences. Danny has been commended for his facilitation skills and understanding of adult learning.
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