It’s Good But It’s Not His Masterpiece

From time to time I like to listen to some ‘talk radio’ on the CBC. Somewhat ironically, today they were talking about music. More specifically the new Drake album.

One of the ‘music experts’ made a comment about this new album not being Drake’s masterpiece. “It’s good but it’s not his masterpiece”. Can you really determine if an album is going to be an artist’s ‘masterpiece’ on the day it was released? What if every album after this that Drake releases pales in comparison to this new one? Wouldn’t that make this his masterpiece? She actually said later that he hasn’t written his masterpiece yet, not like the latest releases from Beyonce, Kanye and Rihanna…


I think it’s important to point out, I’m not a big fan of Beyonce, Kanye, Rihanna or even Drake. I respect what they do (well except Kayne) but they aren’t on the top of my playlists.

I think I missed the press release announcing that Beyonce and Kanye had released their masterpieces. (I’ll be honest, I didn’t know that Rihanna had released a new album) I heard all the rumours about Beyonce’s supposedly singing about Jay-Z cheating on her and Beyonce’s fans lashing out against anyone they assumed Jay-Z would cheat with. The only thing I heard about Kanye’s ‘masterpiece’ was how much he spent on it and that he was now broke…Kim Kardashian broke the internet or something like that? In both cases I have not heard anyone say anything about the actual music. Is it good? Does it have a good beat? Could people dance to it?

The ‘music expert’ also pointed out that this was Drake’s album to speak out about a topic (a topic I don’t believe she even mentioned by the way) much like Beyonce, Kanye and Rihanna.

So wait…not only did Beyonce, Kanye and Rihanna write their master pieces, but they also used these albums as a means to talk and share their thoughts on a specific topic? I actually did hear that Beyonce’s album speaks out a lot against the mistreatment of black women both throughout history and still today. How I heard about that was another music expert went on record to say that she should stop preaching and just focus on singing. That’s what people really want. These comments were then met by a barrage of backlash going as far as to say/suggest that ‘white music reviewers shouldn’t even try and review Beyonce’s new album because they don’t get it yet…they need the black music reviewers to explain it to them”


So ‘white’ people need to have Beyonce’s album about the oppression of black women explained to them by ‘black’ people or else we won’t understand it. Is it just me or doesn’t that seem like the completely wrong thing to be saying? Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? (No wait…probably shouldn’t have used that saying…)

Going back to what Drake is speaking out about something with this album…in the same segment the host played a clip of an interview with Drake where he explains what the album is about. According to Drake this album is a journey through the seasons. Starting in Winter, moving to Summer and then back to Winter. The basic backdrop of the album is Drake’s love of Toronto.

Wow…thank you Drake! I didn’t know how big of an issue the seasons are in Toronto. It’s a good thing this ‘music expert’…who doesn’t think this album is your masterpiece…said this album was you taking the opportunity to speak out on something important. Winter, summer, then winter again…in Toronto? CRAZY.

There was actually one music expert (notice no quotations) on this show, who when asked about her thoughts on Drake’s album she simply admitted that Drake was actually a guilty pleasure of hers. She went on to say she felt Drake wrote great music to drive to, but listening to this new album she was a little disappointed with the slower start. Slow doesn’t work when you want driving your car music.

Mind blown! Someone actually talking about WHY they like an artist’s music and then relating their thoughts on said artist’s new album.

After the host played the clip of Drake explaining what the album is about, the music expert who likes driving and listening to Drake said “So the first part of the album represents winter and that’s why it’s slow…well that makes sense now. Cool.”

I really feel that one of the biggest things missing in the music industry is one simple question being asked and answered. “Why?” The music expert saying Drake is a guilty pleasure, that he writes great music to drive to, actually says way more to me than whether this is Drake’s masterpiece or not or what his stance is on a topic he’s passionate about.

Tell me ‘why’ I should listen to your music, buy your album and come to your shows. I don’t need to be told this isn’t a masterpiece, let me decide for myself if I think Drake’s new album is his masterpiece or not. I’ve never been a Drake fan, I honestly don’t get the appeal, so hearing it’s great music to drive to at least gets me thinking “What makes it a great music to drive to?” Which could prompt me buy a couple tracks or watch some YouTube videos just see why it’s good music to drive to. Telling me it’s not his masterpiece…then why should I even bother listening to it?



About thef3k

Danny Fournier is a marketing expert with over 15 years working within the music industry, including 5 years with a major label. With university degrees in both Marketing and Sociology, Danny brings a unique perspective to marketing with a strong understanding of the needs of the end user and how to engage them. Along with his music and business background, Danny has worked as a corporate trainer, facilitating and write courses for corporate audiences. Danny has been commended for his facilitation skills and understanding of adult learning.
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